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A new body of work initiated by time Frears recently spent working alongside students and staff at Plymouth University.

Her self-imposed rule was to work only with completely new processes and materials while in Plymouth. These new works then set others in motion back in the studio in St Ives.

In the show are works on paper made in Plymouth using letterpress and photopolymer plates as well as paintings and drawings on wood, paper and canvas.



Frears / Vibert 

Venue: A Car Park in Cornwall

September 2018 


Annual screening of fine art and film students' moving image work, co-hosted and curated by Naomi Frears and Rachael Jones at Porthmeor Studios, St Ives.

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Painting selected for cover of Cased Classic edition by Peter Owen Publishers of Ice by Anna Kavan.


Curated by Joe Townshend. Exhibition open until Jan 6th 2018.


A selection of covers by Naomi Frears for the London Review of Books. More in archive from Oct 2013 and ongoing.


Exhibition produced by Naomi Frears at Porthmeor Studios. September 2017

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Sound show curated by Naomi Frears at Porthmeor Studios. 2017


Film by Alban Roinard with introduction to sound show by Naomi Frears (6 min 41)

Film by Alban Roinard without narration (4 min 52)


An evening of short films co-curated and screened by Naomi Frears and Simon Bayliss at Porthmeor Studios. 2016